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Jasmine Thomas, Stephanie Earle and Erik Poger Abrahamsen in "Space Girl." Photo by Casey Gardner

Jasmine Thomas, Stephanie Earle and Erik Poger Abrahamsen in "Space Girl." Photo by Casey Gardner

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Call For Collaborators: The Weird Sisters Present "Dangerous Women"

When the producers behind Atlanta's The Weird Sisters Theatre Project convened to plan their 2017 season, one theme emerged continually: let's explore something that scares us. As we leaned further into the intrigue of this idea, we found that what scares us is often, also, what delights us, and Dangerous Women was born.

Dangerous Women is inspired by the tradition of the Grand Guignol, the French “theatre of blood” known for staging the most scandalous, salacious news stories of the time in evenings of short plays that ranged from gory to sexy, hilarious to horrifying. In seeking a contemporary parallel to this unique breed of catharsis, we landed on television's trashy true-crime murder mysteries, with their grotesque reenactments, all-knowing narrators, psychological intrigues, and sordid delight in tales of women gone wrong. Some of our (guilty) favorites are Snapped, Deadly Women, and the brilliantly titled Wives With Knives. Get inspired by these 100% real sample episode titles: “Young Blood,” “Born Bad,” “A Daughter's Revenge,” and “Married to Murder.”

Are you cringing? Cackling? Ready to write? Excellent! Here's the details:

In October 2017, we will present an evening of short plays by women/women-identifying playwrights that welcome a national network of collaborators to join us in exploring what scares us. We invite you to send us your original short play, inspired by either the classic Grand Guignol or its twisted modern incarnations, to be considered for inclusion in this fun and frightening event: part haunted house, part new play festival, all fun.

– In the spirit of the Guignol, we ask that you start your story from some kernel of a true-crime tale. In the spirit of the Weird Sisters, we ask that you include one or more women at the center of your story. Both crimes and characters may be contemporary, historical, even classical.

– Genre is unrestricted. You do not need to write a horror play, although you absolutely can. Comedy, drama, and abstract works are also encouraged.

– Please keep initial drafts to 15 pages or less. In the interest of telling as many stories as possible, some preference will be given to shorter works.

– E-mail your work in a blind reader's PDF copy (no author-identifying information) to by March 1, 2017. Use subject line DANGEROUS WOMEN, LAST NAME and include your full name, city of residence, play title and page count in the body of the email.

Have fun, and get dangerous! – The Weird Sisters

Megan Rose-Houchins